by Tarantula On Stilts
Introductory course

This in-depth course will differentiate you from every other dreadlock artist on social media. Learn the true facts on how wearing dreadlocks effects the scalp and body on a cellular level. Be a part of the hair loss prevention solution and not the dreaded problem.

Vegan lunch, snacks and tea provided. We will go out to lunch as a team during our in-salon day. You provide your own lodging, if traveling from out of town, please let us know if you need any recommendations. Airbnb is a great stay! This is an intimate and personal 4-day course with a lot of comprehensive information, individual attention is key. Space is limited. Thank you so much for your interest and I look forward to meeting and working with you!

Be a part of the hair loss prevention solution and not the dreaded problem.

  • How to hand spin airy, light sustainable locs
  • About holistic scalp and loc care
  • Yogic science for hair loss
  • Asanas for body fatigue (from standing/working long hours)
  • Yogic stretches for hand/joint pain (essential for every dreadlock Alchemist/artist)
  • Protect yourself and client with healthy energy transfer
  • Antennae anatomy
  • Bio and botanical alchemy for problematic scalp and skin issues
  • About the nutritional process behind body Alkalization (truly balancing pH levels from the inside and out, optimizing healthy hair growth/regrowth, helping to cure problematic scalp issues)
  • NeoLoc Technology building root maintenance for hair-loss prevention  
  • Client consultation and business optimization
  • Master your craft
  • Create your own schedule 
  • Work from home


  • Mannequin head
  • Scalp care necessities 
  • Crochet hook
  • Loc separating tool
  • Mini scissors 
  • Comb
  • Clips
  • Tote bag 
  • Essential oils and “potion” supplies 
  • Course outline


  • Meet and greet! Student introduction
  • NeoLoc Technology Introduction and history
  • Dreadlock evolution and its place in the beauty and fashion industry
  • Evolution of the Neo Dread subculture
  • Evolution of the Locking technique -there’s a method to the madness
  • Debunking of every technique out there on the market from past to present
  • Epigenetics vs Genetics
  • Pharmaceutical side effects
  • Hair loss medications and their side effects (prescription and over the counter)
  • Who’s the right candidate for sustainable Hand spun dreadlocks (never give false hope)
  • Hair loss statistics from dreadlocks
  • Hair loss effects
  • Functions of the skin and scalp circulation
  • Hair structure, physiology, chemistry & anatomy
  • Hair growth cycle, texture, pigment and classification
  • Balancing hair, scalp PH
  • Scalp disorders- Identification & Diagnosis
  • Alopecia causes and effects on your client
  • Resting phases of growth know when to schedule maintenance
  • Healthy hair loss
  • Holistic/Natural remedies for hair loss prevention and scalp disorders


  • Demo with dreadlock model:
  • BioAlchemy Cosmic Breath class for lowering cortisol levels
  • Yogic holistic hair science class
  • Client consultation
  • Scalp scoping
  • Dreadlock/Scalp deep cleansing
  • Maintenance and cleansing demo
  • Hand Spun Locs demo
  • Hair follicle inflammation
  • Benefits of Essential oils (how essential oil mimic our scalps natural oils)
  • Dry scalp vs seborrheic dermatitis
  • Scalp soothing remedies (natural vs over the counter)
  • Scalp disorder and hair loss remedies
  • Calming Scalp manipulations and stress soothers
  • Scalp treatments botanical recipes
  • How to prep your clients scalp prior to their installation
  • Stress of weighted hairstyles
  • Even weight distribution theory from scalp to ends (low tension root maintenance)
  • Origins of The Dread Perm
  • Pros and cons of Chem Locs


  • Nutrition Class
  • Hand Spun Demo by Yours Truly
  • Recap of 1st day theory
  • Introduction to biotin rich food, optimum hydration and nutrition (taught by Narasimha Dass)
  • Your Personal technique demonstration
  • TOS hand spun method vs various methods (past, present and on trend)
  • NeoLoc Tech Hand Spun locking technique ~demo
  • Q&A


  • Hands On with dreadlock model
  • Potions class (natural essential/plant based oils)
  • Know your hand spun client demographic 
  • TOS Revamp mini theory 
  • Know when to say no and how to recommend another dreadlock artist (with love)
  • The Secret to my Consultations ~Demo
  • Mock up consultation with your new found wealth of knowledge 
  • How to increase your service prices
  • How to book your new services (work smarter not harder)
  • How to market your new fountain of information safely-how to set yourself apart from every other dreadlock artist out there 
  • Q&A wrap up! 

Let’s build a dreaded community cosmic web to discuss self-care, dreadlocks and our clients that wear them. Opening up a new portal toward becoming the dreadlock alchemist your dreaded people dream of, helping all walks of life in every realm.

“Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.”

NeoLoc Technology by Tarantula on Stilts, woman with white dreadlocks sitting on a rock wall
NeoLoc Technology by Tarantula on Stilts, woman with black and blue dreadlocks leaning against a giant boulder
NeoLoc Technology by Tarantula on Stilts, woman with dreadlocks dancing next to the ocean