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A holistic alchemical sequence of Bio Antennae retrieval for Follicular and Cellular IntraRadiance

BioAlchemic Hair Loss prevention and Mito-Folliculuar hair restoration.

A unique sequence from within the release of Samsara; NEOLOC TECHNOLOGY in symbiosis with BioTraum- Integument~ is an individualized in depth bio antenna therapy of follicular transcendence unfolding deep and true reasons why you periodically experience or are experiencing HAIR LOSS ~traction alopecia, trichotillomania , alopecia areata ~these are just to name a few of the many hair loss enhancing culprits that confuse our cells.

Makarī has Navigated through a 26 year career scientifically energetically and spiritually researching holistic hair science from the follicle to bio emotional intelligence~ guiding hundreds of humans and celeb-trestrials from all walks of life by cellf experience ~ BioEnergetically restore their hair back to a healthy natural growth cycle~ Dealing with hair loss myCellf do to years of wearing Jatta brought me full circle into the realm of research & justice for misunderstood hair loss clients.

In turn helping beings to create frequency shifting hair subcultures in all realms from natural holistic hair care in science to Jatta and dreadlock alchemy.

“Holistic hair loss prevention research has become the corner stone of my careered achievements” studying in earnest as a west coast Holistic Trichologist ,Cosmetologist , a proud life science research nerd, NeoLoc Technologist and universal hair educator for top salons ,product / couture fashion houses and editorial brands .

Leaving the mainstream beauty agenda 10 yrs ago for a zig zagging pioneer pilgrimage for the TRUTH behind why we TRULY have hair , why we LOSE IT , how it effects our mental health and how to reconnect to the cosmic divine; the ethers above and below with our multi-versal birth given gift of BIO~ANTENNAE aka~~ our magickal HAIR.

Hairs are the antennas that gather and channel the suns energy or prana to the frontal lobes, the part of the brain you use for meditation and visualization. These antennas act as conduits to bring you greater quantities of subtle, cosmic energy. Hairs actually help raise the Kundalini energy (creative life force), which increases vitality, intuition, and tranquility. ️Ψβ

“I’ve always worked on my own dreads because I was worried about the horror stories I’ve heard but when I found Kym I knew she was someone special, I’ve gone back a few times now and I fully trust her professional opinion and expertise when it comes to dreads and I wouldn’t have anyone else work on my hair for as long as I have them.” // L.A

“Kym is absolutely wonderful! I think she is the first hairdresser who truly understood the texture of my hair and the way it falls. The cut is precise and artistic. It suits me and my style perfectly. It’s exactly what I have been dreaming of. Her styling tips were very helpful as well. Her expertise is enhanced by her true enthusiasm for her work and her friendliness.” // M.J

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