Psychedelic Counseling

We present this service to people who are interested in using sacred medicine to help breakthrough their blockages and move forward in a healthy way. It is also for people who have ingested these divine molecules and either had a challenging experience (“bad trip”) or we’re not given follow up guidance to help them integrate the lessons which they were shown.

Through our experience with these materials we have become very proficient in not only interpreting the archetypal information that is given during plant medicine journeys but also in how to apply this profound information to your life.

We offer one on one as well as group sessions, this is also a great way to help prepare yourself for a plant medicine journey.

Psychedelic Counseling, Woman sitting next to ocean with her legs crossed

Spiritual Healing

Many of us are programmed from birth though religious dogmas or spiritual practices which our families participate in, sometimes for generations. Most of these practices, especially in the West, are not designed to show us the spark of the divine which is inside each one of us. When one starts to awaken, it can be very scary, even painful as these old dogmatic programs rear their heads because they can often contradict the true information your higher self is providing. In this confusion, crisis starts to unfold and it can be difficult to focus on your path.

We can help you start to come to terms with your true self and to shed the layers that have built up through years of misinformation that most religions state as fact. We also offer deprogramming from cults and various “gurus” or otherwise shady spiritual leaders who are generally driven by power and money rather than true spiritual enlightenment.

We are all divine energies having a human experience, once we start to remember what we are, we can view life’s mysteries with detachment and begin to truly embrace the god and goddess within.

Psychedelic Counseling, man with his arms raised over his head

Plant Medicine Journey

For thousands of years, shamans, mystics and Oracles from all over the world and many different cultures have used sacred plants to access the other side of reality and gain information. These plants have the ability to heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues as well as to give you a MUCH larger perspective on yourself and the universe in general.

We use a variety of different medicines which are tailored to your specific journey in order to give you a custom experience. Our system is a bit different than most as we work with individuals (or committed couples) rather than groups. We feel that it is crucial to get that one on one experience in order to have the most effective journey. The information that will be presented to you during your journey can be difficult to translate if you are inexperienced with these sacred plants so having someone who can guide you during and after is very important.

The integration process after your journey is more important than the experience itself as this is how you are actually going to change your life. Often times integration gets brushed over in a group setting because of time constraints, with us, it’s all about you. You also have access to our wisdom for as long as you need it afterwards, we won’t disappear once your session is over. If you are ready to truly move forward and make profound changes to your life this may be the way to break through the things that have been holding you back.

Psychedelic Counseling, woman starting a fire

How to Micro-dose

The micro-dosing of plant medicines increasing in popularity. These sacred molecules have been proven to help eliminate depression, help tamper down addictions and to open awareness. Done correctly, micro-dosing should be a side effect free way of genuinely treating ailments which are usually just covered by prescription drugs.

We will go over:

  • How the various plants work with the body.
  • Appropriate dosing of the molecule which you choose to work with.
  • Hands in “How to” prep of the plants for ingesting.
  • Journaling to keep track of your progress.
  • After effects of micro-dosing.
  • When to stop.

There is SO MUCH conflicting information being published on this subject mostly by journalists who have never practiced micro-dosing. We have gone through the system ourselves and seen huge benefits as a result.

Psychedelic Counseling, Woman sitting next to ocean with her legs crossed
Psychedelic Counseling, woman starting a fire
Psychedelic Counseling, man with his arms raised over his head
Psychedelic Counseling, woman stretching her arms
Psychedelic Counseling, couple meditating
Psychedelic Counseling, man meditating with his hands closed in front of him