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noun: BioAlchemy

  1. 1. A biological decoding system for the subtle body.

“Our body is a technology, what are you doing to optimize yours?"


BioAlchemy & Arch line Expansion

Psychedelic Counseling

We present this service to people who are interested in using sacred medicine to help breakthrough their blockages and move forward in a healthy way. It is also for people who have ingested these divine molecules and either had a challenging experience (“bad trip”) or we’re not given follow up guidance to help them integrate the lessons which they were shown…

Spiritual Healing

Many of us are programmed from birth though religious dogmas or spiritual practices which our families participate in, sometimes for generations. Most of these practices, especially in the West, are not designed to show us the spark of the divine which is inside each one of us. When one starts to awaken, it can be very scary, even painful as these old dogmatic programs rear their heads…

Plant Medicine Journey

For thousands of years, shamans, mystics and Oracles from all over the world and many different cultures have used sacred plants to access the other side of reality and gain information. These plants have the ability to heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues as well as to give you a MUCH larger perspective on yourself and the universe in general…

How to Micro-dose

The micro-dosing of plant medicines increasing in popularity. These sacred molecules have been proven to help eliminate depression, help tamper down addictions and to open awareness. Done correctly, micro-dosing should be a side effect free way of genuinely treating ailments which are usually just covered by prescription drugs…


Infinite Diversity
Infinite Combinations

A Hair Loss Prevention System by Tarantula On Stilts

I’ve researched and developed my NeoLoc Technology system over the course of my 26 year career as a highly regarded Holistic Trichologist, Cosmetologist, and Dreadlock Alchemist focusing on Holistic Hair Loss Prevention, Yogic Science and Scalp Disorders in the salon and throughout the beauty industry.

I’ve been a pioneer in my studies and concept of holistic hair science within the dreadlock community here in San Francisco and across California. I hold my years of research close to my heart as I’m extremely passionate about the subject of hair loss…

NeoLoc Technology by Tarantula on Stilts, woman teaching a class on dreadlocking
NeoLoc Technology by Tarantula on Stilts, woman practicing doing dreadlocks

BioAlchemy Sessions

Makari Rishi and Narasimha Dass discuss issues concerning consciousness, health, nutrition, yogic science, spirituality, holistic hair science, plant medicine, meditation, quantum physics, psychedelic experience, neoloctechnology and much more. We also have a wide variety of guests who are knowledgeable on the above topics.