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The Vvlcan Haus. A Sanctuary of Sacred Portalic Haute Creation

The ARTchètype lifestyle for the multidimensional artistic genius

OUR VISION – In the quest to help ONE  open to the discovery of the inner infinite will  undoubtably illuminate the outer CELLF.

A lovely portion of all our creation proceeds helps us to further grow in our non profit mission; The VVLCAN SANCTUARY ~igniting awareness of a healthy wellbeing , eating high vibrational foods and the importance of clean positively quantized water to the future of our children & young mothers. In honor and love of this gorgeous planet and all her magnificent nature seen and unseen. 

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Infinite Diversity
Infinite Combinations

A Hair Loss Prevention System by Tarantula On Stilts

BioAlchemic Hair Loss prevention and Mito-Folliculuar hair restoration.

A unique sequence from within the release of Samsara; NEOLOC TECHNOLOGY in symbiosis with BioTraum- Integument~ is an individualized in depth bio antenna therapy of follicular transcendence unfolding deep and true reasons why you periodically experience or are experiencing HAIR LOSS ~traction alopecia, trichotillomania , alopecia areata ~these are just to name a few of the many hair loss enhancing culprits that confuse our cells.

art & Streetwear

Narasimha Dass is a visionary artist and mystic who uses art to illuminate the mundane world to to multiverse of infinite perspectives. Each piece that he creates is based on a vision that he has had regarding the subject. ND’s art makes use of multiple dimensional qualities as well as the portals  which connect those dimensions together through the boundlessness of the cosmic web. Having come from a long line of mystics and Rosicrucians, Narasimha Dass carries on the epigenetic traits of his ancestors into the modern world in an effort to push further into the unseen world and out of this digital matrix which most people call reality.

The individual creations are channeled through the subject matter while in deep meditation, they are created with the highest of intention and vibration. 

ND’s art can currently be purchased as NFTS on his OpenSea page or as high vibrational streetwear in the Vvlcan Haus Dimension. 


👁New HAIR raising Podcast🪬
launching 12⊙31
different topics that will be 
featured in my 
            💡NEW BOOK💡
🕸Tarantula On Stilts spinnz🕸
 The METAphysics of HAIR 
The NeoLOC Chronicles
Written+cellf researched+recorded within my soul experience and studies of 
In its different natural ART’ist and mathematical musical  
translations within holistic hair quantum energy+science~
This book has loudly rang amongst my hands in hair 
upon years of blood sweat+tears 
human client experience along side 
conscious and subconscious meditation with years of practical spiritual studies in the known and unknown 
as a dedicated BIOdhiSattva Yogi with vast Hands on Strands sacred energetic experience. 
Reflecting my 30yrs+career in the beauty industry as a Cosmetologist; 
Holistic Trichologist & Dreaded Alopecia Specialist across the west coast~
Casting an illuminated understanding within our very own holistic body matrix 
flipping that ancient beauty script of 
TRUE Neo~Radiance
+opening up these MYTHICAL maybe not so darkly mystical hair hieroglyphs to study from the inside out𑁍
Join yours truly on this adept frequency quest of 
follicular transcendence 
into the 
omniscience of the 
NEO spidey sense🕷️⚛️ 

Vvlcan Haus +
Tarantula On Stilts>^•
Traveling dimensions from the San Francisco Bay and throughout the Milky Way~