Makarī Rīshī~ is a cellf spun visionary from the city of crying plants San Francisco~

A hair mystic since the age of 15, spinning many lifetimes weaving on the cosmic web a prior incarnation in her vast linages; stemming from her  

Hopi Indian roots as Spider grandmother an ancestral initiate into Herb Oracle, prepared her to become the web weaver behind Tarantula On Stilts Hair Bauhaus San Francisco~ Inventor of the Bio holistic alternative to HairLOSS ~NeoLoc Technology ,BioTraum Integument ,Jatta & Dreadloc Alchemy, SpellBound Haar Potions , new weekly hair raising Podcast called Textured Tentacles & KALIeidoscope  Cr8tURe Anatomical Accoutrements~ a full body line of holistic remedies~creeping up soon!

Co creating since 2017 with partner ND materialized ~The Vvlcan Haus~ located in the heart of East Hollywood~Los Angeles.

a Spirit of fashion haus + art sacred design collective of street haute couture dimensions ~ fully materializing in 2022.5~

Until then come on by and take a peek at our current designs on display in The Fountain Art box X The Blasted Tower on Fountain & Virgil!

Narasimha Dass~ Narasimha Dass is a visionary artist and mystic who uses art to illuminate the mundane world to to multiverse of infinite perspectives. Each piece that he creates is based on a vision that he has had regarding the subject. ND’s art makes use of multiple dimensional qualities as well as the portals  which connect those dimensions together through the boundlessness of the cosmic web. Having come from a long line of mystics and Rosicrucians, Narasimha Dass carries on the epigenetic traits of his ancestors into the modern world in an effort to push further into the unseen world and out of this digital matrix which most people call reality. He currently resides in the blue ridge mountains of northern Virginia with his twin flame Makarī Rishi and takes his teachings directly from the wild nature of his solitary surroundings. 

The individual creations are channeled through the subject matter while in deep meditation, they are created with the highest of intention and vibration. 

ND’s art can currently be purchased as NFTS on his OpenSea page or as high vibrational streetwear in the Vvlcan Haus Etsy shop.