Makari Rishi has been involved with holistic hair science and yogic science for over 25 years. She is widely regarded as the preeminent Dreadlock Alchemist on the West Coast. After wearing Locs herself for almost 2 decades and struggling to find someone who could help her maintain her Locs properly she decided to cut them off due to experiencing traction alopecia. This led her to the study and research of holistic trichology and to become a certified Trichologist specializing in hair loss, creating her own hair loss prevention system -NEOLOC TECHNOLOGY. She uses her innate skill as an intuitive healer and knowledge from her years of research and studies to help treat ailments both internally and externally.

Makari began studying kundalini yoga after a debilitating illness rendered her immobile. After countless visits to multiple doctors and hospitals, she was misdiagnosed many times which led her to her path of rediscovering herself. During her illness she started to study BioAlchemy, nutrition, herbalism, yoga, mantra and meditation in earnest and used it to her benefit for healing. Following a life altering surgery Makari’s doctors were shocked at how quickly she healed and recovered due to her practice and lifestyle change.

From this point she refocused her energy and now dedicates her time helping others heal themselves physically, mentally and emotionally in a natural and holistic way. Makari a mother for 28 years, also specializes in the counseling of teenage mothers and yogic science for both the mother and the unborn baby.

Narasimha Dass has been deeply involved with spirituality and mysticism since before he could remember. ND has spent a good portion of his life studying various religions and spiritual teachings by submerging himself in the practices to find the cord of truth which resides within each system. He spent years as a martial artist and practitioner of both Kundalini and Bhakti yogas which has given him insight into how the body and soul work in harmony together if the technology is properly used. Studying various mystery schools both Eastern and Western is a passion of ND’s and helping to democratize these ancient mysteries is his mission.

ND has also deeply studied the use of plant medicine throughout various cultures and how mystic experience manifests itself through these amazing plants and fungi. He is an expert in shamanic techniques and in how to integrate the archetypal information received into daily life.

Through years of seeking, practicing, fermentation and distillation of various modalities, Makari and ND have created the BioAlchemy System. This system is all encompassing ideology that will help you to strengthen your nervous and endocrine systems, balance your emotions and open your mind in order to live your best life. We combine yoga, meditation, breathwork, nutrition to help with a variety of ailments that are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in nature.

Modern life in the age of Aquarius/Kali Yuga is hectic! We are programmed by so many outside forces (media, family, religion, military etc) to live in fear and ignorance of the unknown. Helping others to discover or rediscover their higher purpose and giving them the tools to assimilate the ways to move forward on their path is our life’s calling.