Cellf spun visionary+born silicon valley girl 
transplanted within The city of crying plants San Francisco~
A Follicular Hair mystic since creation~born with a full head of hair that grew past my knees 
Pulled and braided back tightly in colored ribbons on a daily
Raised on bobby pinned curlers, Telenovela, my grandmothers hairspray & her home front barber shop where she religiously shaved cut and combed my grandfathers beard and hair on a early morning to weekly basis.
Spending the weekends with my auntie, babysitting yours truly at her 80’s cosmo Academy, 
leading me from adolescences to start creating with hair for my familes business/salon, which inevitably lead me down the 
Metropolis road of industry design+fashion salons to Neo holistic hair BioTrichology in the NOW. 
Where the story doesn’t END…
Spinning many lifetimes weaving on the cosmic web through my vast helix linage.
Holding all sacred to heart my deep Hopi, Kawpa+eastern+western roots within 
Sacred Spider grandmother frequency of pure art and loving creation 
This beloved incandescence has guided my earnest curiosity and continuous studies of the Neo ancestral herb body~ 
consciously preparing me to become the timeless web weaver behind:
Tarantula On Stilts Hair Bauhaus≒IDIC San Francisco≓
⊙☽Inventor+OG Web spinner to the 
T0S dreaded matrix of Bioholistic alternative to HairLOSS≈
≈NeoLOC Technology:in symbiosis with BioTraumIntegument: 
+Dreadloc Alchemy
+Jatta”the electric body connection : 
≈Tarantula On Stilts~IDIC DreadLoc Alchemist Apprentice Certification Courses
≈SpellBound Haar Potions
:Naturally and botanically unique & individually customized 
hair+Loc+scalp potions created reclusively for my lovely clients
👁NEW HAIR raising Podcast🪬
≈≈TEXTURED TENTACLES≈≈launching 12⊙31
 Listening+Discussing different topics that will be featured in my 
🕸Tarantula On Stilts spinnz🕸
 THE METAphysics of HAIR 
Payistala: The NeoLOC Chronicles
Written+cellf researched+recorded within my
soul experience and studies of HAIR 
In its different natural ART’ist and musical  
Adept translations within holistic hair quantum energy+science~
This book has loudly rang amongst my hands in hair 
upon years of blood sweat+tears 
human client experience along side 
conscious and subconscious meditation with years of practical spiritual studies in the known and unknown 
as a dedicated BIOdhiSattva Yogi with vast Hands on Strands sacred energetic experience. 
Reflecting my 30yrs+career in the beauty industry as a Cosmetologist; 
Holistic Trichologist & Dreaded Alopecia Specialist 
Casting an illuminated understanding within our very own holistic body matrix 
flipping that ancient script of 
TRUE Neo~Radiance
+opening up these MYTHICAL maybe not so darkly mystical hair hieroglyphs to study from the inside out𑁍

T0S + VvH~Earlier years of CreATE LIFE experience=⏳
Time in Wisdom
as a selfless coiffure+art visionary+follicular mood creator for various salons
+Artists Musicians+fellow designers+art fashion houses 
~photography, editorial MAG & runway LA+NY~
platforming haute couture+Celeb brands~: 
::Jean Paul Gaultier:: Micheal Franti
::Guru JAGAT:: Paulo Candido:: 
:Paul Mitchell, HAWAII:
:Vidal Sassoon:: Mizutani Scissors Japan/America:: Toni & GUY:: TIGI: Schwarzkopf Germany:: 
:Number4 LABS:: MAC:: Kat Von D:: Jamie Presley❤ ::Paris+ Nikki Hilton and many more~⊙ 
💫LIGHT SPINNING~the other half of the WEB🕸
Narasimha Dass+MakarīRishi
≒The VvLCAN HaUS≓est.2017🌅
CoCreated in partnership of many incarnations ND♡
≒Along dreamt thought form from the DEPTHs of IMAGINATION⊷
A Spirit in fashion haus + art sacred design collective of street haute couture dimensions
≒Visualized for ALL~ Invented +Alchemized patiently from both our musical hearts
~madly artistic but beautifully logical vvlcan minds𑁍
⊙REvealed from years of working tirelessly for the fashion 
☵REdiscovering loving styles in science of the spirit 
≈VvH vibration is all LOVE 4 OG fashion 
sacred relics of ART+SOUND≈
⊷AweInspired by those chronological we-ar-able
sacred creations of divination that gives those who wrap 
themcellves up in such dedicated resonance of past+future+present~
a bit of a spark…to light up the CellF⚡💧
VvH High VI~BE Street We-Ar:
Deeply Designed+hand pressed
T0s NeoLoc Technology::
Mathematically organic~created for health and body peace of mind in the ARTs of science
CellfLOVE, derma, ancient etheric Cosmeto, natural follicular, biological and herb orac+botanical realms
Both STELLAR in benevolence+Universal 4 everyone⚛
on any path
decide to adeptly

Infinite THX to every ONE 4 your support it is truly cherished🙏🏽




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VvH=here to raise the Creative Vibration🎨