My Light Shines On SUPER heavyweight premium crewneck sweatshirt



This is the first release of of SUPER PREMIUM range!

This 100% organic HEAVYWEIGHT (36 oz!) sweatshirt is made in the same factory which produces blank sweatshirts for Balenciaga and Dior.
Vvlcan Haus is the only brand outside of the luxury companies that has access to this INCREDIBLE fabric.

Organic cotton resonates at 100hz which is the same as your body, thus making it a VERY high frequency fabric wrap yourself in.

We’ve one made one of these, the owner will own an exclusive piece of couture Vvlcan Haus

Size is Large

25” across the chest
26” length

Thank you for viewing this with an open heart and an open mind, everything we create is done with the upmost respect for whichever culture or religion that is depicted. We have nothing but love for humanity and find inspiration everywhere in this incredible universe. 🙏🏽

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