Sinead O’Connor Out of Step tee

$44.00 - $55.00

This collection was inspired by my meditations on the music of artists or “Frequency Seers” who left this material plane earlier than expected. As I meditated on their music, I found just as many profound and meaningful insights as I have found from participating in any sort of mantra related ruminations.
This collection attempts to add an additional layer of art and energy to the humble band tee shirt.
🌊We soak the garments in water and pink salt from the himalayan mountains for 24 hours while the music created by the Frequency Seer is played in current realm.
From the work of the late Dr. Emoto (link to his site in our bio) we can see that through the use of vibration, the actual structure and geometry of the water will change. We believe that by subjecting the cloth we select
(which is a natural fiber)
to this process we can more deeply integrate the positive aspects of the creative oscillations from which the music was produced.
🌞After opening up the fibers with the resonance soaking, we let the sun absorb to naturally dry the vestments then consciously hand press the intentional designs onto them.

🌟We chose the incomparable Sinead O’Connor for the first design.
We have loved her since 1987, and her recent ascension hit me in a way that was surprisingly brutal.
She was as troubled as she was brilliant, a true representation of the modern Adi Shakti, her tumultuous life belied the sensitive spiritual seeker who was just below the surface of her enormous talent.
🌹This artwork is our attempt to celebrate a soul who brought so much light to this matrix.
~Dream On beautiful siSTAR Dream On❤️‍🔥⚔️

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Thank you for support and for viewing this with an open heart and an open mind 🙏🏽

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